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Visiting Inxco: "It reminded me of a love affair: you get to know eachother spontaneously."

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. INXCO, close to the festival site of Werchter, is a marcom company for growing companies. Marcom? Marketing and communication, but from an individual perspective. Because if marketing is the thought process, communication is the practical process.

Managing director Peter T’Hooft experienced the effects of mouth-to-mouth advertising: “Sometimes I even go ‘walking’ with work competitors, like Vector BROSS from Leuven. They were extremely excited about Teamleader, which got me excited. Because we used to work with different systems next to each other, but we didn’t have a complete all-in-one package.”

Critic but satisfied

the INXCO chief is a critic but also extremely enthusiastic: “The ticketing module for example is really sexy in my opinion (smiles). Mails often stay unanswered due to absence, but that’s history now.” He also wonders how Teamleader keeps its strong service up the mark: “When I mail them on a saturday, I receive an answer in the same weekend. Even more, sometimes I launch an idea for Teamleader, and when they agree to it, they just develop it.”

Of course there’s always room for progression: “I would like to have the quotations module more made to measures, just like the invoice designs. Because as a marcom company, we absolutely need an attractive appearance.” In the meantime, Teamleader scores well in general usability: “Our people make more and more products, which leads to highly detailed offers. I will soon switch to a Chromebook, after 25 years of Apple-domination. Thanks to the seamless integration of templates from Gmail…”

Grow together

INXCO was found upon 3 core values: meaningfullness, reliability and durability. Especially the last value is important for Peter: “Teamleader shows itself as a sturdy platform to grow further, especially in the long term. A bit like our own creations.” The potential is absolutely there, after merely 6 months: “We’re going to organize our project planning through Teamleader, because the workload increases. That naturally requires a switch-over, but I have complete confidence.”

That confidence seemed to be there from the beginning: “When I spoke to Jeroen of Teamleader, I had a good impression. Several meetings later, the time had come to work together. It reminded me of a love affair: you get to know eachother spontaneously.”

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