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Visiting In the Pocket: "We evaluated 20 systems."

Teamleader users take the floor: Ghent-based In the Pocket is a mobile agency and developer of mobile solutions. No one-time applications, only long-term dedicated projects seen through all the way to the end user. From tablets to smartwatches, everything's connected nowadays. Online shopping, on-the-road news consumption: In the Pocket is surfing the waves of the digital revolution. Business development manager Jan Deruyck: "Fast growers like us benefit even more from a well-oiled machine."

Evaluate & evolve

"Everyone used to be on the same floor and keep a lot of mutual contact. But you can't sustain that, since for example developers and salespeople work quite independently from one another." So project management has to be done right. "We've got a flat structure, wherein everybody pulls his weight. Of course there's some form of management in place that evaluates and adapts all our processes." Jan is a part of that himself: "First, we set our goals, the way we work together as a company, with a strong focus on collective progress."

Necessary automation

The task was an intense one. "Next, we wrote down our actual workflow – to which I have to add that different departments have their own wildly different tools and processes. A creative developer is not a financial manager." They didn't stop there. "These tools also have to talk to each other, otherwise you're back to manually pushing data around, such as invoices. On top of that, we wanted to introduce new contract types, without forgetting about earlier contract histories and the accompanying database."

Thorough research

A new, cover-all system felt like a pressing matter. "We had something along those lines for some years, but sometimes it felt like a big, empty box. Lots of possibilities, until the point comes when you want to customise it and all sorts of expensive updates start popping up. Yet still they weren't suited to our exact needs." The quest for Teamleader took much research. "20 systems drew our attention, most of them too specifically oriented. Teamleader went much broader than, say, just sales, thanks to its superior project management and invoicing follow-up."

Phenomenal service

3 systems remained. "Still, the choice was clear. Some geography came into play of course, but the phenomenal service was the deciding factor." Jan smiles: "That drive and enthusiasm really won us over. They're 100% reachable, think along with us, aim for concrete solutions … We stayed in touch for the whole duration of our evaluation project." So no slight point of criticism? "Well, they've got a young and dynamic team. In my opinion, they could play that card a bit more in their communication. Or the merits of the system itself: it took the trial version for me to understand the full range of capabilities."

Strategic gusto

There's nothing wrong with ambition: "Absolutely! Few companies use the system as far-reaching as we do. Feel free to call us power users. I think the international market is ready for a system like this." Jan fetches the laptop. "Take this big client for example. Virtually everything is in the system: the way we approach the client, ongoing deals, calls made … All this data helps us think strategically and structurally, in a big way." And it's really useful for the sales department. "They never slack off on administration, see the evolution of clients and analyse accordingly. It's just so much more targeted." And what about the system's usability? "We got the hang of it in just one week, that sums it up nicely (smiles)."

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