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Visiting De Bouwerij: "Our ISO auditor was a fan from the start."

Teamleader users take the floor: De Bouwerij, from Ternat in Flemish Brabant, creates durable architecture made-to-measure. Projects with a soul, ethical projects, that have both man and environment in mind. Its clientele conveys a huge diversity, from family homes to office projects and retirement homes. Paul De Mulder, partner and architect: "Teamleader caught our eye immediately: unbelievably easy to use and adaptable to our every need."

ISO ambitions

A yawning gap existed between Teamleader and the CRM that was already in place: "Furthermore, we wanted to reach the ISO 9001 standard, a great recognition of quality management." A tough exercise. "The question is mainly: how far does your company go to structurally reorganise? Before you know it, you become a slave to your own set of rules and you're hopelessly stuck. Job satisfaction has to come first, always." An external audit brought help: "The focus was on process improvement and customer satisfaction, with plenty of freedom left for specific matters."

Project-based yet personal

Much attention went into project planning. "Private initiatives, big companies or the government, no two timelines with phases and deadlines are completely the same. Some projects run for years and come with very complex billing." And the human factor? "Some of my people work with the precision of an accountant, others take a more messy approach (laughs). But everyone uses the system in their own way, which is the biggest gain." The effects were soon felt. "We received our ISO certification in January, just 3 months after we started using Teamleader."

Motivational use

"When a system falls through because of limited usability, the impact is bigger than expected. You lose motivation and that, in turn, is reflected in creativity." Paul points to his screen: "This is no longer a factor. The dashboard shows us all the essential information in one single glance: meetings, calls, targets… And with no loading times whatsoever." The integration with Google Apps proves to be equally pleasant: "Google Calendar synchronizes constantly with our agenda, very easy."

Freedom & transparency

De Bouwerij foundation is a close-knit team. "My wet dream is to make myself superfluous (laughs). We use the system to appoint projects to unique teams. Everyone has great responsibility and the freedom to use it." The whole office benefits from this kind of progress: "It doesn't matter who handles a case, everything is transparent, even our fees. This allows us to continue the work flow without depending on 1 person, in case of an illness for example."

Common interest

Paul puts certain things into perspective: "As an individual, of course I want to make adjustments, but the office's overall user experience always prevails." The immense influx of emails will be tackled next: "Time is still being lost on the mailbox, although unwanted mails are becoming less frequent." The architect has full confidence in the matter: "Our ISO auditor got to know the system first hand. He liked the experience so much that he also chose Teamleader." Despite the fact that he visits a lot of companies. "Exactly. And I think many will follow."

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