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Visiting Bits & Pieces: "We work much more pro-actively."

Teamleader users take the floor: Bits & Pieces in Herentals helps SMEs and smaller business owners with customized IT solutions. Complex technical issues are handled professionally as are the more everyday problems: computer maintenance, server and network installations … Co-Business Manager Jimmy Goormans tells us: "When we were looking for extra people, a CRM system suddenly became apropos."

Searching patiently

It used to be simple. "All customers were stored in our head, in a manner of speaking. That always went smoothly, until we trained our new colleagues (smiles)." Still, it was best to proceed with caution. "For 2 years, we scoured the market; many systems did test runs. But they seemed to be for large companies with large budgets, even for the slightest adjustments." Until a coincidental e-mail arrived. "Yes, the newsletter from our computer dealer. Our first impression was good, definitely because it was a Belgian company."

Time is money

"The greatest challenge was optimizing the entire service process," says Jimmy. "A few mistakes were sometimes made at super busy moments—we forgot to invoice telephone calls, and laptops were suddenly delivered free (laughs)." As a small player, Bits & Pieces did everything themselves. "The technology didn't really help, with programs running literally right next to each other. All kinds of work tickets were manually invoiced, and our bookkeeper booked them in his system, again manually."

Bookkeeping is next

The start of Teamleader meant a new start for the bookkeeper. "No more annoying questions at the end of the fiscal year. All invoices go to him automatically. In fact, I convinced him of our system (smiles)." And the bookkeeping package itself? "I see that the link is coming; that is fantastic news. It's not a coincidence. It is a Dutch bookkeeping package, and Teamleader is harboring Dutch ambitions." Jimmy is happy to share his user experience. "At events, people come up and start talking to me about it. The system is on the radar."

Working more pro-actively

That results in remarkable conclusions. "Many companies wait too long. They grow so quickly that they suddenly lose oversight and cannot go on. We searched for a solution for 2 years; and that isn't really necessary either (laughs)." We can see the results. "Better tracking, no lost expenses and more free Sundays." But also more free work hours. "We now work much more pro-actively. There is time for us to go and propose improvements to our customers. And if they have suggestions, then we see them in the system directly."

Clarity is worthwhile

Does Jimmy have any suggestions? "At some point, I would link it directly to some customers, for extra transparency and time-savings." The coming weeks present a concrete challenge. "A project spread out over 39 locations in Belgium. At these locations, we will take photos of our work activities, and these then end up directly in the system." 1 year of Teamleader pays off. "Their small scale is a great asset, but healthy growth is also OK, of course. Yet, I hope that they never forget how they once began."

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