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New export template wizard, improved timepicker

Excel export template wizard

The ability to make exports of your data in Teamleader has been present in the programme for a long time. Thus you can draw up an Excel list from a certain segment of contacts in order to export certain data. Until recently you couldn't choose which columns you actually wanted to export. Only a standard Excel was available.

We are pleased to be able to change that with our new Excel export template wizard! This wizard allows you to make templates for Excel export in which you can select the columns you want to add to the export.

Depending on the rights that come with your account, you can find an Excel icon at the bottom at Invoices, Deals, Contacts, Companies and Articles. When you click on it, a screen appears in which you can choose a segment and if desired select a pre-existing template.

Export tp excel


If you choose Create new template…', then you get a new window in which you see two columns: the left column shows all your available columns for export, the right column shows which columns you actually want to export. Select the desired columns and use the arrows or double click to move them to the right column.

Export template


Once you have chosen all the columns you want, you can save the template. Your template will then be available in the choice menu. When you now click 'Start export', then your personal export is generated! Depending on the number of data this can take a little time.

Improved timepicker

The modification to the time registration is a small but handy modification that many will probably already have noticed. Thanks to the new timepicker, you can now enter your time in several ways: if you click on the clock, then you can scroll in the drop-down menu, use the arrows on your keyboard or use the arrows on the screen. Or you can simply enter your time manually. Try it!



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