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New deal statistics!

New deal statistics

Are you a fan of everything that has to do with figures and charts? Good news! Teamleader has thoroughly expanded its deal statistics so that you can get an even better picture of your sales process. Through the "Statistics" module, simply navigate to "Deals". You immediately see a new menu with no less than 11 different components:

1. Deals 2. Funnel Rapport
3. stage distribution 4. Time to first action
5. Stage duration analysis 6. Stage duration by user
7. Locations 8. Returning customers
9. Lost reasons 10. Stage Conversion
11. Deal source performance  

We will discuss two of these here and it is up to you to discover the rest!

Funnel report

The funnel report is there to be able to assess your sales process easily. It indicates the different deal phases together with the number of deals that were in a specific phase during a certain period.

You can see at a glance how many deals there were at the start of the process and how many are still left, right up until the point of acceptance. Between each phase you can see how many deals were actually rejected. This way you can see the obstacles in your sales process and see where most of the prospects drop out.

You will also see that, for every component of the statistics, you can set a filter through this symbol:This ensures that you can clarify your funnel for each employee or team (this is not an exhaustive list).

Time until first action

Your best option is to act quickly with regard to (new) deals. This will ensure that your customer does not drop out. With these statistics you can see how long it takes on average before a co-worker takes his first action.

The green vertical line shows an overall average of the time it takes before action is taken on your deals. You can specify the team or co-workers that should be shown on the graph through the filter. Colleagues who are on the left of the line stay in the green, which clearly shows that they are below average. To the right of the line you see the people who take longer than average to take their first action. The average time before action is taken is shown under each employee.

With these two examples you can get a good picture of how the rest of the statistics are put together. The only thing left for the editors to do is to hope that you enjoy yourself!

But before we do that, let us give you one small update:

New: department wizard

Alert users probably already noticed this: we have made a small adjustment to the company information in the settings. If you now edit the department information, a short wizard will open to easily edit your data.

What is new is that you also have the option to delete your own general terms and conditions. Up until now, you needed our Support service for this but, since the latest update, you can do this all by yourself! If, for example, you have made several amendments to your terms and conditions and you want to delete the old ones, Click the x and they will be deleted! Why do things the hard way if it can be easy?

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