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Benny Waelput

Game of Thrones has Maesters, we have Benny: a man whose vast experience, life-long devotion and superior intelligence have made him a walking, talking and inexhaustible source of knowledge about Teamleader - and strong Belgian ales and bass guitar too. Knowledge this hard-working ex-customer success, ex-inside sales, now full-on copywriter is more than willing to share with whoever's asking. "Benny knows" is a phrase so often heard, you tend to forget that a couple of beers make him sound more like a potty-mouthed pirate than a scholar.
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Business card scanning, Piesync integration

Never lose an opportunity again: scan business cards you receive and insert the information immediately to your CRM!

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Improve your dashboarding with

If you’re a fan of dashboarding, then you’ll love is a dashboarding app originating in Belgium. Their goal is to make number crunching easier. And now they’ve constructed an integration with Teamleader!

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Set up ticket autoreplies per email address

On Friday, we present you the newest Teamleader updates. On the menu for this week: setting up ticket autoreplies per e-mail address!
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New bookkeeping integration with Reeleezee, Shortcodes to add VAT included price

Thank God it's Feature Friday!
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Improved holiday management

Enjoy the summer season!
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4 years, 7 countries, 80+ people

Teamleader is celebrating its 4th birthday today, and we're doing so with cake, the opening of a new office in Spain and hopefully with a victory of the Belgian national team!

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Postal service expansion, New Knowledge Base and more!

It has been possible for a while to send your invoices via postal service to your customers in Belgium. We’re glad to announce that as of today, this is also possible for Germany and The Netherlands!

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Meeting room management

Tired of scheduling a meeting just to have your meeting room stolen away right in front of you? We know the feeling.

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Introducing the multi-currency feature

Sending out invoices to different parts of the world? You’re in luck: we are glad to announce that Teamleader now supports conversion to multiple currencies!

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Extra Ticketing preferences

We’ve added two new ticketing preferences that you can activate via the Settings. Here’s a little more info!

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